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Oct 14, 2012 1:15am EDT
on c-span. >> in his weekly address, president obama spoke about the u.s. auto industry and auto sales. the republican address is delivered by an oklahoma republican running for congress. he talks about the challenges faced by his plumbing business. >> hi, everybody. every year around this time car companies start rolling out their new products. it is detroit's chance to show you what they have been working on, the latest and greatest. this year is no exception. and they have some good-looking cars. but something is different this time, and it starts with the auto companies themselves. the auto industry was not just struggling. it was flatlining. gm and chrysler were on the verge of collapse. more than 1 million jobs across the country were on the line. not just although jobs, but the jobs of teachers, small- business owners, and everyone who depends on this great american industry. but we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. we refused to let detroit go bankrupt. and three years later, that that is paying off in a big way. gm is back. ford and chrysler are back. and we are no
Oct 13, 2012 8:55pm EDT
. the people that work in washington, d.c. for the u.s. congress or the united states senate. get a variety of choices to make in their lives. and that's what we ought to do for all people in america. >> yes, sir, sorry. >> follow-up? >> trying to find my light. >> not right now. education. these folks submitted 18 questions on education, and the first one is that will be asked on education will go to you, governor, and asked by angie pettig. angie pettig, where are you? there she is, governor, right there. >> i've heard a lot about education and the need to hold teachers and schools accountable, and i certainly agree with that. but as an individual with an educational background, and also a parent, i have seen a lot of instances where the parents are unresponsive to the teachers or flat out uninvolved in their child's education. how do you intend to not only hold the teachers and schools accountable but also hold parents accountable? >> well, you know, it's hard to make people love one another. i wish i knew the law because i would darn sure sign it. i wish i knew the law that said all of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2